Digital Trumps Manual – Automation Bringing in a New Perspective

Oct 12, 2021

Learn how switching to a digital app like Khatabook helped Amit in not only expanding his business, but also streamlining how he conducts it.

When innovation comes into the market, it is mostly the shops selling the products that help that innovation become a necessity. The mobile industry has seen a boom like no other in the past decade, and its shops like Sampark Mobiles in Ahmedabad that play the catalyst in creating demand, and supplying it to the general public.

Amit started with Sampark Mobiles just about 10 years ago and has experienced a major shift in customer demand and how the business is conducted nowadays. But the key takeaway from our interview with him was how well-defined the “conducting business” end of it all has become with the introduction of a tool like Khatabook in his life.

The Shift to Digital and Adapting to it

Aajkal almost sab log online hi purchases and payments karte hai. Is demand ko sambhalne ke lie maine sirf ek app ka use kia hai jisme saare aspects cover ho jaate hai”

This statement might sound too vague, so let’s get deep into what it means from Amit’s perspective.

As a business owner, Amit has to take care of not only the customer demands, but also accommodating those demands from the supplier’s end. Amit was very vocal about how well-functioning his supplier side of things has become with the help of Khatabook.

“Purchases ka track rakhna, demands ka proof dena, online payments karna, aur har cheez ka track rakhna taaki baad me koi irregularities na aye meri shop ke liye bohot important hai”

Amit was a bit scared when he saw the shift to digital around 2014, but got along well with it. But the unseen advantage that came with it was how convenient it made things for him. Generating receipts, keeping track of all the business conducted, and even taking care of in-shop expenses was all possible to centralize by using Khatabook.

However, it’s the supplier side of things that really gave us a deep insight into how things function for businesses like Amit’s, and the nitty-gritty of keeping the suppliers in check too. How? Let’s explore.

Suppliers are Supers, Amit Was Superior

The age-old notions of conducting business drastically changed with the dawn of digitization, especially for small and medium businesses. Amit’s mobile shop was no exception to this. He managed to turn the tides in his favor though and figured out some neat ways to handle his suppliers.

“Pehle to notebook pe sab kuch likh ke track rakhna padta tha. Usme bhi kabhi kabhi suppliers ke end se payment ke bohot problems hote the order size deped karke”

When Amit started using Khatabook, almost 90% of the process was now automated and ready to be completed within a few simple taps on his mobile phone. He himself is amused at the irony that he sells mobiles while taking care of most of his business with his mobile.

He mentioned that he tried some other similar apps which some of his contemporaries use, but Khatabook ultimately had more features to be “exploited” for him.

“Ab sab kuch automated hai. Mai order place karta hoo mere suppliers ko and online advance pay karta hoo. Isse meri process bohot simple hogayi hai and time bhi kaafi bachta hai”

Remaining credits, customer debits, and holistic calculation of business conducted have become so easy to track for Amit, that he was able to devote time to expand his business and delve into newer domains. 

Irregularities have been thrown out of the window, literally. Digital receipts of orders and proof of payment. No more confusion over outstanding charges and a seamless process of ordering has turned Amit’s relationship with his suppliers stronger. 

“Pehle suppliers ka word hi kaanoon tha. Ab sab kuch Khatabook me recorded rehta hai aur mai dikha deta hoo. To aage peeche koi confusions nahi hote hai”

The Customer is Still King!

While Amit’s conundrums with the suppliers came to a halt with his use of Khatabook, customers are still the foremost priority for him. After all, who would he sell the stuff he buys if not them!

“Aajkal sab log online payment karna hi prefer karte hai. Isme Khatabook itne features deta hai ki mujhe is baare me chintaa honi ab band ho chuki hai”

Raving about how convenient digital payment is over cash, Amit also elaborated on why it is actually beneficial too. For instance, direct account to account transfer means no need to worry about keeping track. All calculations are right there at his fingertips.

Secondly, it also attracts more customers. This proved true for him especially during the pandemic, as he shifted his operations online. With a website for his shop, orders started flooding in and even matching the amount of in-person business he conducted in his shop pre-pandemic.

Ab sab kuch itna simple ho gaya hai ki mujhe aur mere bhai (his business partner) ka kaafi time bach jaata hai. Pehle ye sab kaam manual tha aur bohot energy waste hoti thi”

Display shelf of Sampark Mobiles with an array of smartphones

The Way Ahead is Bright

This interview educated us a lot about how small and medium businesses used to hustle and sweat to gain resources from suppliers. This introspective interview also highlighted the often forgotten aspect of what happens in the background for these businesses, which can make or break their success.

Amit was also quick to point out that while there are multiple apps optimized for some processes, having a centralized app that contains most, if not all features, is a win for him. 

“Ab itne saare apps rakh ke sab pe alag alag kaam karne se achha hai ki ek app jisme mostly sab kuch ho usko use karo. Ab Khatabook use karte hue 5 saal se jyada hogaye hai, par isse better tool abhi tak nahi mila hai mujhe”