Khatabook for Dental Equipment Laboratory – A Free Digital App Offering Wide Grins

May 31, 2022

Being in the same business for over 25 years is no joke. Another thing that is a no joke is adapting to the new and ushering in the change to keep up with the times. Sudhir’s story with digitization and how it evolved his business and his personal life is exactly this!

With the dawn of technological advancements in almost every domain imaginable, accessibility has always been a player in what becomes mainstream and what becomes a privilege. In the 21st century, digitization is at its peak and the only line between the usability of apps and tools nowadays is accessibility, design, and cost. Sudhir has been in the midst of this change, observing this shift and accommodating it in the process.

Running a dental equipment laboratory already sounds like a complicated and hectic task. Sudhir has been running his establishment in Jaipur and has been quite vocal about the differences between manual labor, and labor assisted by technology. Khatabook is a piece of technology that, in hindsight, might have shifted the gears of productivity for Sudhir in a significant manner in the past few years.

“2.5 saal se hum Khatabook ka istemal kar rahe hai. Isme kaafi benefits mile hai, par sabse badi suvidha rahi hai ki is app ne mera kaam asaan kardia hai”

Having been in the industry for almost 25 years now, Sudhir has been a keen observer of the new trends and how they can benefit him.  The art of observation has come handy for Sudhir in building a robust business model.

“Pehle ledgers aur books me notes likha karte the sab cheezo ke liye. Kafi lamba process tha har din. Jab Se Khatabook ka istemal karna chalu kiya hai, kaafi time aur resources bach jaate hai”


An Electrifying Digital Solution for All

The thing Sudhir brought up often was how fast the world has moved forward in the past few years, and what kinds of benefits this progress has brought upon commoners like him. While Khatabook has played a significant role in helping him take full advantage of this progress, he had a few things to say about the world moving forward.

“Maine to hamesha se hi naye trends aur apps ka track rakha hai jo meri business me help kar sake. Par jis speed se digitization aaj ho raha hai, Khatabook use karte hue kabhi laga nahi ki mai kuch miss kar raha hoo”

Sudhir also quickly pointed out that he has always judged everything he uses on how up-to-date it is. And he raved about how seamless to use and quick to update the new features on Khatabook were.

“Jab bhi mai kisi naye feature ke baare me dekhta hoon apne book-keeping ke liye, mujhe wo feature Khatabook me turant mil jaata hai. Isse kaafi help ho jaati hai kyoki mujhe is kaam ke liye sirf ek app use karna padta hai.”

Even with managing his employees, Sudhir has experienced a lot more consistency in time management and output from his team. With seamless automation to assist with both, normal and complex tasks, Sudhir has been very happy with the progressive direction his business has taken.


Complex Made Easy – The Big Winner

“Jis tareeke se humare saare complex tasks jisme hume har cheez ko double-triple check karna padta tha, wo ab sab ek baar me ho jaate hai. Bill number, transaction number, transfer status, bank receipts, business receipts, sab kuch sirf ek click me ho jaata hai.”

While Sudhir was praiseworthy of the features that eliminated mechanical labor from his end, he was also quick to point out that some of these tasks were not easy to execute in the first place. Making bills, ensuring each section is filled with the correct details, maintaining passbooks to track transactions, noting down transaction numbers, and many more activities required a great deal of attention. Just one mistake in any of these activities and he could potentially lose some or a lot of money. With Khatabook he does not have to worry about taking care of all these tasks, individually. 

“Ab humara business simple to hai nahi. Choti si galti bhi humko bohot bada loss de sakti hai. Isliye is tarah ke tools ki hamare field me kaafi zaroorat hai. Pichle 2-3 years me mujhe ek bhi baar is cheez ki chinta nahi hui ki book-keeping, receipts, bills, aur transactions ki tracking me koi galti to nahi hui hai.”

Automatic payment reminder is a feature that Sudhir came to know very recently about. He enquired about this feature in great detail in our conversation and brought up a few great points. While payment reminders can be of great help to vendors like him, they can even work in the favor of customers.

Kaafi customers ko dates yaad nahi rehti kabhi kabhi. Ye customers payments miss nahi karte par kabhi kabhi 2-3 din aage peeche ho jaata hai. Payment reminders ki wajah se ab ye problem bhi hat gayi hai.”

The biggest takeaway for Sudhir in our long and insightful conversation was that he felt like the app worked for him, for free. He felt like Khatabook is his own personal digital employee that he updates on time (he insisted to remind the readers of this story to check for app updates on the Play Store) and that’s all that is needed! Can’t argue with that now, can we?