One Sip at a Time – Managing the Business and the Personal

Sep 13, 2021

Managing the personal and the business aspect of life proved to be a major hassle for many SMBs during the pandemic. Read on to find how Manoj was able to balance both with some help from Khatabook.

The COVID pandemic has affected our lives in many different ways, but small business owners who rely on people visiting their shops for business had to face the excruciating realities of a lockdown head-on.

This is especially true for shop owners, stall owners, and many more falling under the same umbrella. Manoj, the owner of Prajapati Tea Stall in Gorakhpur was no different in this situation. But he does have a different story that unfolded due to a tool he’s been using for 2 years by then – Khatabook.

The Dichotomy of Work and Personal Life

Manoj’s shop is in a prime location in Gorakhpur, which sees a lot of crowd on daily basis. With many different types of shops and stores around, there was no better location for Manoj to bring in as many customers as possible than this. Hence, he has to be prepped every morning when he opens that shutter for the colossal number of customers coming in daily for his special tea.

“Meri chai shop mere ghar se 15-18 kms door hai. Roz jaana and aana mai by foot karta hoo”

Having to commute such a long-distance daily sure did start taking its toll on Manoj, as he also had to prep up his shop and then operate it till the late evening. Amidst all this busyness, he had to figure out a way to optimize his time in managing the shop and the customers.

“Har cheez ka track agar khud se rakhta to aadha time to usi me nikal jaata. Isliye maine Khatabook ka use karna chaloo kia kyoki usme sab kuch track rehta hai.”

Having a digital assistant that helped in not only tracking all the business, but also conducting digital transactions was a blessing in disguise for Manoj. He admitted that it helped him save at least 3 hours of manual work with how seamlessly the Khatabook app integrated with his daily work routine.

“Ab online payment ka option dekh ke to aur bhi jyada customers aane lag gaye. Upar se mujhe instant notification aajate hai payment ke, to usme kaafi time bach jaata hai.”

This major time saving that Khatabook provided Manoj not only helped him in boosting his business pre-pandemic, but also gave him a chance to maintain a much better work-life balance.

But that’s not where Khatabook’s contribution in making things easier for Manoj stopped. He also used the app for his personal life shenanigans too. For instance, he has a monthly payment period for paying the rent of the house, and also maintains records of the money loaned or owed by him.

“Humara almost poora paiso ka management mai Khatabook pe hi karta hoo. Sab kuch schedule aur calculation isi pe ho jaate hai to kaafi mehnat aur time bachta hai.”


Adapting to Changes after COVID

Running a business that relies on daily customers visiting your shop during a pandemic is possibly the worst-case scenario, and Manoj had to balance that struggle with his personal life.


Faced with the unprecedented situation brought forth by COVID, Manoj decided to devote a certain portion of his daily time to his shop which had the most customers; and decided to spend the rest of the time with his family. This decision came in handy as it saved him a lot of commute tiredness, and also made his working life a bit less hectic.

“Ye decision lene ki himmat mujhse tab hi hui jab maine apne saare regular customers ke transactions Khatabook se karwaye lockdown chaloo hone ke pehle.”



Manoj Prajapati, owner of Prajapati Tea Stall in frame with his wife and two children

Having received all his due payments in time with Khatabook, Manoj was able to gather up the courage to take up such a big decision in such uncertain times.

Now, with this drastic shift in the way he went about running his business, Manoj was still unsure of how this pandemic would treat his earnings through his tea shop. 

For a couple of months after the lockdown, things were hard but Khatabook helped Manoj in planning ahead and preparing for any financial situations in the future, while also keeping a track of his revenue. Soon after the first lockdown though, he prevailed in his work and things have now slowly started to get back to normal.

“Humara business labor karne ka hai. Mere jaise log sirf jyada kaam karke hi apna guzaara kaat sakte hai. Islie Khatabook use karne se jo help mili hai, wo kaafi zaroori thi.”

Maintaining Work-Life Balance: A Success Story 

Having seen first-hand what conveniences Khatabook brought in his own life, Manoj has spread the good word around in many shops near his. Most of the locality now uses the app for their business and more.

Manoj also pointed out that with time, it becomes progressively easier to use the features of the app. The seamless instructions and easy to navigate interface made it easy for him to get a strong grip on the app very quickly.

Nowadays, Manoj is able to devote as much time to his family responsibilities as he does for his shop.

“Ab to mere bachhe bhi khush rehte hai ki papa ke saath jyada time spend karne ko milta hai. Mai shaam ko 5 baje tak ghar aajata hoo aur apne bachho ke saath time spend karta hoo. Ye jo change hai, isne meri khud ki mental health bohot sudhaari hai.”