Khatabook Automated Call Reminder, India’s first Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based feature deployment for MSMEs

Oct 26, 2021


At Khatabook, we believe technology should equate the playing field for all. The tech which has been adding business value to the large corporates should also be accessible to India’s small businesses. We are taking a step forward in our endeavour to create tech for all.  

We have released the Automated Bot Call Reminder Feature to improve the credit / Udhari collection for our Merchant userbase. The Automated Bot Call Reminder is the first Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based feature deployment exclusively for MSMEs, made available in nine Indian languages. 

Money recovery for sale on credit / Udhar vaapsi has been a major business pain point for MSMEs in India. The text-based recovery reminder feature on the Khatabook app has contributed tremendously in scaling the app because of its impact on improving business cash flows for users. This new capability is a premium voice enabled feature designed to further simplify and improve Merchants’ credit collection from their customers through Automated IVR calls using a third-party service. This feature is categorized into four sub-features: Automated Call, Bulk Call, Collection Dashboard, and Call History. The automated calls placed through the Khatabook Call reminder feature are followed up with text-based SMS with payment collection links for fast recovery. In addition, users who need to collect payment from multiple customers on a particular date can do so by setting up bulk call reminders. 

Nearly 30 percent of customers of any merchant require an extra nudge for payment collection. Building on this need, the automated Bot Call Reminder feature saves the merchants’ time on follow-ups and enhances their credit recovery through automation.