Unveiling MS Dhoni as the #DhandeKaDoctor in a new Khatabook and Biz Analyst Campaign

Sep 20, 2021

We have released our latest Dhande ka vaccine campaign featuring MS Dhoni as Dhande ka Doctor. This is the fourth Khatabook avatar of MS Dhoni in the campaigns for Khatabook and Biz Analyst By Khatabook. In the previous Khatabook campaigns, MS Dhoni pulled off the avatars of Tomorrow Swamy, Sharmile Sharmaji, and Techno Tawde. 

Businesses have long been ailing because of archaic technology. The pandemic and lockdown restrictions have just made matters worse. And in today’s time, the only thing that probably signifies a cure, a better future, and hope is a Vaccine. Prescribed by none other than Dhoni, aka Dhande ka Doctor, the ‘Dhande ka Vaccine’ is nothing but the impactful digital solutions by Khatabook to overcome business challenges or ailments. The campaign addresses business use-cases with Khatabook for bookkeeping and receivables management efficiencies and Biz Analyst for real-time business intelligence on the phone, reducing dependency on accounting software knowledge.

We have launched this campaign in five languages: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu. It will be live for 6 weeks across various media platforms ranging from OTT, social media, and on mobile applications.