We are changing gears: From Growth to Monetization.

Oct 18, 2022

At Khatabook, We had given ourselves a strategic timeline to focus on Growth before we start monetization. Our growth journey has been very satisfying. 

  • We stand at 10 million monthly active users spread across almost every district in India 
  • Our platform records more than $32 billion in monthly transactions (in value) by our MSME users 

Now, we are changing gears. Early this year, we kicked off monetization on our platforms. We currently have an annualized gross revenue of INR 70 Cr and expect to reach the profitability milestone in the next 18-20 months. Also, we are now focusing on organic growth and adding 600K+ monthly installs organically. 

Here are the areas on our platform where the monetization is taking place.    

  • Digital Lending: 

We have kicked off Digital lending (Finserv) on the platform after concluding a successful pilot. We intend to scale up digital lending with a plan to touch an AUM of 1000 cr in the next 12 months.    

  • Paid SaaS Services:

We intend to increase the subscriber base of our paid SaaS service, Biz Analyst. Biz Analyst by Khatabook has 150K+ paid users. We are also launching a paid version of the Khatabook desktop app soon.  

Biz Analyst by Khatabook is focused on simplifying accounting for relatively large businesses within the MSME segment, while our core Khatabook platform will continue to solve everyday business and financial management challenges for small to large merchants. We are consolidating all our SaaS offerings under Khatabook and Biz Analyst platforms and building Finserv / Digital Lending on top of SaaS.