We are Introducing a holistic and inclusive health cover for Khatabook Employees

Aug 3, 2022

Today, we are announcing a series of all-inclusive and holistic health insurance policies and benefits for our employees, which will allow dependents to be included under the cover irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Under this new health policy, the live-in partners and dependents of LGBTQ employees are covered under one health insurance umbrella. Treating healthcare as a basic necessity that requires equal access, with no discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity, is a big step in the direction of attracting diverse talent and fostering inclusive work culture for the startup. Khatabook has 22% of gender diversity and aims to bring it to 35% over the next 2 years. A policy offered in partnership with Nova Benefits is designed for a progressive workplace environment and offers a range of benefits besides being orientation and identity neutral. The policy includes live-in partners of employees, and maternity benefit cover will include infertility and IVF treatment or any post-delivery issues.

Mental health is an integral part of holistic well-being and physical health. We are also introducing a complete emotional wellness solution in partnership with YourDost to our employees. The mental wellness policy includes comprehensive guidance and solutions for mental wellness. Employees will have access to a panel of experts who can speak regional languages per the employee’s comfort. The employees will have the flexibility to choose the therapist. Also, 24×7 support will be available on the App. 

“We have set up the diversity and inclusion roadmap for Khatabook with the clear objectives and actions aligned to the organizational scale-up plan. I believe achieving a truly diverse and inclusive environment that translates into a healthy and high-performing work culture needs the foundation of strong policies which are progressive, non-discriminatory, and provide a lot of freedom and choices to the employees. Our people practices will always focus on what’s best for all and not just a few employees.Ravish Naresh, CEO and Co-founder, Khatabook.

Taking a commitment to build organizational culture for the future with Diversity and Inclusion as a foundation,  we have already introduced a range of people-first policies, such as,

  • Unlimited leaves and a hybrid and Flexi work environment
  • We are the first start-up to announce a one-week mental health break for the entire organization in 2020 and have continued the practice of annual company-wide week-long mental health breaks
  • We are also the early ones to introduce primary and secondary caregiver policies for all full-time employees who are new primary and secondary caregivers, regardless of gender or sexuality
  • And now, we have holistic and inclusive health and mental wellness policies in place